Decentralized, Secure, Futuristic Communication

Auft is a completely secure, free, decentralized, reliable, and private chat application. Utilizing Ethereum networks and Military Grade encryption, Auft is the future of communications.

Transparent Communications

No Logs, No Servers, Completely Secure

secure messaging

Using AES-256 Bit Encryption and Completely Decentralized File and Message storing. You can feel safe as you own YOUR data.

User friendly

Unlike other apps that only provide basic functionality, Auft provides the features that truly make a Chat app, alongside with user-friendliness. Security doesn't call for a loss of features on Auft.

secure voice and video chat

Completely Decentralized and Encrypted Voice and Video Chat on Ethereum and Swarm.

Anonymous account creation

Auft is powered entirely on the Ethereum and Swarm networks, so no email, phone number, or other form of private information is needed to create an account on Auft.

A Communications App of the Future

Auft is entirely open-source, community-driven, and fully transparent. You own your data. Auft doesn't just provide the bare minimum, user experience, security, and powerful functionality are of our top priority as we constantly strive to future-proof our encryption and ensure the user is thoroughly satisfied.

User Friendly
Entirely Private and Secure
More Than Just the Basics

Built on the Ethereum and Swarm Networks

Due to Ethereum's nature and encryption, the only people that can join your calls or view your messages and files, are the people you intend to have access. Ethereum and Swarm networks also make Auft impossible to be shutdown by any government. Completely Censorship Resistant.

100% Private and Secure Data
Completely Censorship Resistant
Fully Decentralized

Ready for the Future?

Join us in the Future of Communications!

Getting Started

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4, literally.

1. Open the Auft Web App
2. Create an Account
3. Backup your Private Key
4. Start Chatting

Download our app

Desktop (MacOS, Linux, Windows) and Mobile (iOS, Android) apps are coming soon!