An overview of the Features of Auft. Below includes planned features, and current features available within Auft. As well as, core functionality and security. Auft eliminates all middle men, securely protects all decentralized information and files, and allows the user to use Auft with the peace of mind that they are entirely safe. All while utilizing Auft's powerful, yet intuitive features that the user is familiar with, and features that the user didn't know they wanted.

Secure Messaging

Messages sent on Auft are fully secure, encrypted, censorship resistant, and decentralized. Only the people you intend to have access to your messages can view them. But, messaging doesn't stop there, the user has access to GIFs, Custom Emojis, File Uploading, and much more!

Secure Video and Voice Chat

Calls on Auft uphold the same security that messages hold, as all features on Auft maintain. Calls are entirely decentralized, secure, and powered on the Ethereum and Swarm networks.

User Friendly and Simple

Auft doesn't give up simplicity and user-friendliness in it's design while maintaining security and being fully decentralized. You will be able to use all features you are familiar with, and useful powerful features you didn't know you wanted. All with the peace of mind, that everything you do in Auft is entirely secure, safe, and powerful.

Anonymous Account Creation

Auft is powered entirely on the Ethereum network, so no email, phone number, or other form of private information is needed to create an account. It is entirely privacy friendly, as anything you do inside Auft is not tracked and is encrypted. Once an account is created, an Ethereum address/wallet and a decentralized mailbox are generated and stored locally. They are used to power and enable all functionality Auft provides. Including messaging, calling, and every action performed while using Auft.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

All private data transferred on Auft is encrypted end to end. Your end and the receivers end. Using ECSDA Elliptic Curves and AES-256 CTR together in a Diffie-Hellman exchange, you can rest assured you are fully safe from any malicious figure or government. This is done upon account creation, where a keypair is generated to encrypt messages and other shared information. Once messaging someone, you will exchange public keys to be able to decrypt each other's messages. All metadata, messages, calls, files, and everything you share on Auft is fully end to end encrypted.

P2P Decentralized Messaging and Video/Voice Protocol

Utilizing FDS, Bee/Swarm, WebRTC, and LivePeer technologies, Auft achieves fully decentralized and peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging/file storing and voice/video communications. Whenever you send a message or start a call on Auft, it gets broadcasted to a network of peers, that pass it around until it reaches the intended recipient/recipients. They can't access the contents, as every file, message, call, and any other shared information on Auft is fully encrypted end-to-end so only the intended recipient(s) are able to access the contents. Since there aren't any centralized choke points, you own your data. Ethereum and Swarm networks all make this possible.

Private Groups and Public Channels

Auft doesn't have a limitation of Private Group or Public Channel sizes, you can have as many members as you like inside your groups/channels. Every multi-member group has access to all functionality Auft has to offer, including multi-member calls, and far more.

Personal File Storage

Auft provides a fully decentralized and encrypted personal file storage. This can be used to quickly upload files into your storage and share them later. It can also be used to save files that have been shared with you. All using Ethereum and Swarm networks.

Powerful File Uploading

File uploading on Auft is entirely encrypted and decentralized. With an ever growing upload cap of 100MB per file. You can upload any file you please, with reasonable speed. There is no limit on how many files you can upload to a chat of any sort.

Secure Identity

While using Auft, no personal information is required. All that is required is your Ethereum wallet and Mailbox that only you have access to. They are stored locally, and are securely encrypted. When using Auft, you can be as open or as private as you please. You have full control over your information, and who can access it.

Open Source

Auft is entirely open-source and transparent. You know exactly how the app you are using functions. There aren't any secrets, backdoors, or anything the user doesn't know about. The user has the peace of mind that they are entirely secured and safe.


Auft has a variety of themes, and has the functionality of custom theme creation using CSS or built-in tools. The user can personalize Auft however they please, whether that be with built-in, community, or personally made themes. Every component is customizable.

And More...

Auft is feature-rich, with security, simplicity, and user-friendliness in mind. So, there are lots of features that aren't listed here, and features that we haven't yet thought of or haven't yet finished developing. If you have any feature suggestions, shoot us a message over at our public Discord or Telegram. We will check it out and work on an implementation of your feature, if it isn't already in Auft or if we aren't already working on the said feature. If you have any questions please send us a message on Discord or one of our other socials.