About Auft

Auft is an open source and fully transparent chat application, that is fully decentralized, encrypted, and censorship resistant. While not giving up on necessary functionality and user-friendliness. Auft isn't just a chat app, it is the future of communications.

Our mission

Auft strives to be an extremely secure, yet very powerful and functional communications app. To ensure that the user has their human rights upheld. Auft is designed to be completely decentralized, censorship resistant, secure, and functional. Auft is also designed to maintain and provide an extremely intuitive, modern, and user-friendly experience to ensure the user is completely satisfied with Auft, without giving up on features like Voice and Video chat, Large File uploads, Custom Emojis, and many other features that make a chat app, a chat app. All entirely end to end encrypted and decentralized on the Ethereum and Swarm networks.

Our story

The Auft team consists of individuals that are tired of censorship, centralization, unsecure communications, barely functional chat apps, and non-user-friendly designs. The current state of decentralized chat apps are very primitive and the apps that aren't as primitive and claim decentralization, aren't truly decentralized. So we decided to forever change communications, with a reliable, functional, intuitive, and truly decentralized chat app; Auft.


Auft's Timeline of planned releases and major updates. Each step of the Timeline will be announced in due time.

2021 Q2

First Public Release and Private Sale

Auft Alpha Public Release, followed by a Private Sale.

2021 Q3

Functionality Improvements and Implementations

During this time, Auft should have a majority of the features planned and not yet planned implemented.

2021 Q4

ICO, Unique Features, and Functionality

Personal Storage, Custom Emojis, and far more! The ICO stages will also be complete by this time or in 2022.